Innovation and the diffusion of new technologies are indispensable for the sustainable development of our global society. New discoveries and methodology lead to increased productivity and to the growth of a culture's wealth, welfare and well-being. Without innovative leaders creating sustainable solutions to the world's food, feed and fuel needs, we face critical ecological damage and resource depletion. 

Through our technology teams and Innovation Board, our Innovation labs and R&D departments examine precisely how we can best produce and apply our food and feed products. Without defined applications in our end markets, our products lose their purpose and the potential to contribute to a sustainable world. To maintain our leading innovative role in our industry, we consistently look for better solutions, monitor current products and processes, and co-create with our customers to develop customized products with targeted applications. To measure this, we focus on the annual number of process and product innovations as an indicator of how we contribute to safer food and feed.

Innovations: The annual number of product and process innovations investigated or developed

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